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Disputed Territories

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Aerodex Entry

Canon Overview (from CrimsonSkies.com):

Go to each Western nation, find a map, and you will see a different border for the Disputed Territories. The former states of Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming splintered with the nation, leaving flinders of government scattered across their lands.

Utah claims the whole of the State of Idaho up to the Canadian border, and a large section of western Montana; the locals largely disagree, and no serious attempt to enforce this claim above southern Idaho has succeeded, although Utah colonists press on into Idaho territory.

The Lakota Territory carved itself out of sections of the Dakotas and eastern Montana, and no one really wants the area enough to dispute their claim.

The bulk of Nevada is desert, not even worth the effort of laying claim to. Most of the inhabitants southeast of the Sierra Nevadas are desert air pirates, scrub ranchers, and rattlesnakes. The Nevada mountain towns seem willing to claim allegiance to either Hollywood or Pacifica, whichever can keep the desert pirates off.

Montana and Wyoming have largely fragmented. All government is local, and the locals seem determined to keep it that way. The population is completely disgusted with national government, and aims to show that local government can perform far better than any distant bureaucracy. Portions of Wyoming and Montana have been claimed by other states, but by and large this is the most lawless and best armed stretch of the West.

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Creative Notes:

It's kinda unclear whether the disputed western territories should be considered a nation or just... ungoverned territory. The lore seems to suggest the latter, but the visual "branding" seems to suggest the former (why would an ungoverned territory have a flag? a roundel?).

In my version, the disputed territories are exactly that: disputed. I've provided the traditional canon flag/roundel here, but I've also included a flag akin to the Sons of Liberty's 9-stripe flag, or to the conspiracy theorists' favorite "citizens flag" (minus the canton and stars). My thoughts are that there should probably be a lot of different flags used in the Territories, perhaps even the old US flag.

Administratively, in my version the territories are in fact governed very poorly by their neighboring nations by way of League of Nations mandates. These were an administrative system of the LON that allowed other nations to govern a territory on behalf of the League. Crimson Skies makes it a point to have the League in the universe, so why not use it? I've split the territories into three mandates: Nevada (governed by Hollywood), Idaho (governed by Pacifica), and the largest yet least-populated of Canada (governed by the UK via neighboring Ontario). Utah, Lakota, and the People's Collective all lay their own claims to these areas, and have eaten away at the eastern borders of the territories to varying degrees.

My map for North America shows some of the neighboring countries having claimed land in the DWT, so it doesn't really correspond to the shape depicted in the official flag/logo. Interestingly, even the official flag doesn't include areas like Nevada!