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Canon Overview (from CrimsonSkies.com):

The Nation of Hollywood formed shortly after Texas’ secession from the United States in 1930. Currently the leader of Hollywood is a former actor, President David Dunbar; Dunbar is typical of Hollywood’s conception of a leader: energetic, intelligent, humorous, and above all, photogenic. Many claim that studio executives actually run Hollywood and that Dunbar is merely a figurehead, a good actor taking on a big role. Others claim that Dunbar’s leadership can not be faked. Whatever the case, President Dunbar has overwhelming support among the citizens of Hollywood.

Although Hollywood continues to stage raids on shipping between Arixo and Pacifica, neither of those nations is Hollywood's greatest enemy. That honor goes to the Empire State, which sees Hollywood as New York's rival for prestige in the world market. Hollywood recently reacted to Empire President La Guardia's borderline dishonesty in that arena by threatening to place an embargo on sending motion pictures to the Empire State.

The onetime state of California remains at odds with Pacifica to the north, especially since deciding to reclaim the coastal ranges and lands north of the Sierra Nevadas occupied by Pacifica since 1932. To the south, Hollywood is worried about Mexico's frequent stabs at San Diego, and Navajo and Arixo support for the many pirate havens in the Mojave Desert. The Diamondback gang has proven particularly troublesome on both sides of the desert with heavy raiding. Hollywood has not yet managed to prove collusion between the Diamondbacks and the Navajo Nation.

In addition to the desert pirates and the Yosemite Brotherhood, who rule the havens in the Sierra Nevadas, the western region of Hollywood is known for its coastal bases. With pirate coves hidden along the entire West Coast, from the Santa Barbara Islands to the San Juans, Prince Vlad and his Red Dragons are without peer. Hollywood, Pacifica, Arixo and even Mexico have made frequent attempts to approach the pirate king with an offer of alliance, so far with no apparent success.

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