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Maritime Provinces

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Canon Overview (from CrimsonSkies.com):

The Atlantic Coalition's main Eastern rivals are the Maritime Provinces, which maintain one of the largest surface ship navies of the former United States. The Maritime Provinces survive mainly on through fishing and surface shipping (and occasionally mercenary naval contracts), although the inland areas provide much-needed agricultural product.

The Maritime Provinces have not been able to maintain the strict neutrality of their southern neighbors, mainly because of friction with Quebec, but have cordial or at least non- hostile relations with most of the inland nations.

The Eastern coastal nations are mostly of two minds about the Provinces: on one hand, they provide an alternative to the Empire State, and bolster coastal defenses with their navy; on the other hand, they bolster the navies of anyone willing to pony up their current asking price.

The Maritime Provinces have the unusual distinction of being the only collection of former U.S. and Canadian governments; having absorbed New Brunswick and sections of Quebec up to the St. Lawrence. The Provinces’ President, Francis Kirby, has proposed a merger with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, a proposition still under consideration.

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